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Benjamin Franklin must have been one of the earliest minimalists for he coined the phrase in the 1700’s: “Eat to LIVE not LIVE to Eat!”

Eating right has become important for most people in order to enjoy a healthier lifestyle!

However I believe that should not limit you from enjoying your meals and bites. You do need to “Enjoy what you Eat!”

Especially when you are on holiday you have this intense craving to try out all the great tasting delicacies out there.

Visit Maldives and you find that there is a rich array of international cuisines like a food lover’s heaven and apparently most of the food ingredients are imported. Moreover one must acknowledge that the food looks and tastes so good cause it’s prepared by highly qualified local chefs as well as authentic foreign chefs.

Top 10 greatest restaurants in the Maldives.












Great finds to dine like a local @ local rates.

With all the awesome food around it’s easy to get inspired to incorporate them in your home cooking.

For more inspiration do check out some of my yummy everyday budget food recipes that I have really enjoyed preparing and eating while I have been living on a budget for over a decade away from home and family.


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