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Maldives is made up of 26 atolls and dozens of islands in each atoll

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For any traveler thinking of visiting Maldives, it is very important to understand the location of the island nation and how the islands are distributed across more than 1000 miles of indian ocean. The Maldives is located about an hour off the coast of India and Sri lanka. There are 26 atolls in the Maldives and each atoll can have dozens of islands. The international airport of the Maldives is located just about in the middle of the archipelago.

All the nearby islands and atolls are reachable by speedboat. The atolls further out are accessible by seaplane or domestic flight. In most cases domestic flights tend to be a bit cheaper than seaplane. Make sure your transfer from airport to the island is arranged prior to arrival.

TMA is the largest seaplane operator in the world and flies to most of the resorts. All resorts will help you to book a seat on the seaplane. Domestic transfers are done by Maldivian (the local airline) and Flyme.



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